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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022


I agree with many of your points, especially how the virus has mutated so that vaccination is minimally efficacious in newer Omicron strains, and on the importance of natural immunity after having experienced infection with Covid.

I am most concerned with the increasing reports of serious side effects following these vaccines, particularly in young people between 20 and 50 years of age. The data from Great Britain is particularly disturbing to me. The risk-benefit ratio's appear significantly increased for younger people in our population, especially children. We all know that the children were minimally affected by this virus, and this continues to be the case.But are there long term effects on the myocardium in currently asymptomatic kids and teenagers?

I feel that further analysis of adverse effects must be at the forefront of investigation in US(and globally) before blindly advising parents to vaccinate children with a potentially life-altering/ limiting vaccine.Drs Peter McCullough and Aseem Malhotra are speaking out regarding these issues.I find their analyses credible and very concerning. I think Governor DeSantis and his Surgeon General are attempting to get to the truth in this conundrum.I pray they do.

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